Kuro30 2
Cyborg Klan's strongest man. It is also the strongest among opponents Kuro fought alone. It is a biped walking robot with stupid features reminiscent of moles with a drill on the part hitting the mouth, and also has a deformation function, it is possible to actually move like a mole in the sand. Habit of attaching "slip" to the ending.
Robot of a nice personality, I usually live by collecting parts by disassembling the fish-type robot which swims in the sand. Initially we met Kuro also friends and cooperated in searching for Nana, but in reality it is taking on the mission of assassinating the general in line with the assault on the warship island, together with the general that Nana is the target Because it was, it became enemies. Although the failure resulted in the assassination of the general as a result by Kuro, I approached the skill and scared Nana and urged him to do a battle with himself one by one.
In the final phase, while Kotaro approaches the secret of Taboo, he develops a solitary duel with Kuro in the middle of the desert. Although it seemed as though he had defeated Kuro, he came to the operation of Kuro who deconstructed his arms and took a sword and was shot at Twin Cannon 's bombardment and fell. In the end, I was satisfied that I fulfilled the goal of fighting and dying, I rescued Kuro from the collapsing world, and died myself due to the outage. It is a person who taught only his name ("Kid") who did not teach other people of the clan in fact, "Kuro tells only strong people", and Kuro himself is also high I finally admitted the ability.
The identity is a robot made by creators to manage taboos and has kept taboo for hundreds of years. But as time went on, I felt disgusted with my own circumstances that I had to keep fighting for the eternity and became to want myself to destroy myself who can not be departed from the manufacturing purpose of fighting in the fight. This was the purpose of putting eyes on Kuro, and as a result that wish was granted.
Usually we are exposing our eyes, but in the battle the visor is expanded, fighting with the eyes hidden. Weapons are missiles launched from the huge arms and telescopic arms and mouth. As I tell himself, "There is nothing stronger in the desert than myself", its fighting ability boasts the strongest world in the different world. It also has a deformation function, it becomes a figure like a tank and freely moves around in the desert sea (Although it transforms into several forms by pushing the button of the chest, except for usual state and tank form, it is a gag It is an unknown form in which it can only be seen). For that reason, it was popular for different worlds and was also toyed.