Fox is the captain of her sand pirate faction. While fishing for iron scraps, she saved Kotaro after Kuro's group was accidentally transported to her world and got separated. His true identity is a woman named Shisuka, the illegitimate daughter who governed the desert wasteland.

She respects her father who researched the "Taboo" in hopes of liberating the desert inhabitants from the dry despair. After the king' death and his general sons fighting for supremacy, Shisuka kept her distance from the warfare and became a pirate with her faithful subordinate, Gurney. Upon encountering Kotaro, she allows him aboard her crew as a stowaway. Their relationship changed after Kotaro saved her from one of the soldier's retaliatory sniping, and able to analyze and compile all her father's research to reveal the Taboo and the desert world's secret. Together, the three reached to Taboo and uncovered the world's secret and liberating the inhabitants into the new world. Afterwards, Shisuka and Gurney decide to adventure the new world while bidding farewell to Kotaro as her rejoins with Kuro's group as they return to their world.

Kotaro secretly kept her Fox Mask while eventually realizing his feelings for her.


Mask Shisuka

Within the mask

He has red hair while wearing a mask and a cloak where she hides her firearms.


Fox appears as a stubborn and severe lone wolf but appears gentle towards those in need. In times when Fox starts "bullying the strong", she appears immaculately immature and rugged.