Nyan-Nyan Army (ニャンニャンアーミー Nyannyanāmī) - A squadron of cyborg cats created by Dr. Go. Mi is the first in the line, created by Go from the remains of his pet kitten.

There are four other members:

#2 (Nicknamed Spyder), who can expand his arms, legs, and neck. He is voiced by Yuko Sasamoto.
Spyder 2
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Nyan-Nyan Army 3 wears a panda.

#3, who also fights with his own sword and boasts a panda disguise. He is voiced by Rika Komatsu.
#4, who also has a bad temper and is the most frequently encountered. He is voiced by Sayuri Yoshida.
#5, who is seen with a robot companion, Lassie, and also uses a gatling gun. He is voiced by Mami Nakajima
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Lassie is a episode 2 (episode 26)