Hirosue (ヒロスエ) is one of Dr. Go's dog-type creations. It was initially built to resolve Mi's love dillema, to be obedient its romantic partner's every plea as the perfect woman. But instead, Go's careless construction and Kuro's mischievous meddling led it to run amok, causing interference with Mi's first date and leading the situation to break-up.


Abilities and FunctionsEdit

While Hirosue was initially built for love, Go's absent-mindedness has let him installed offensive capabilities into her. Ironically, this made Hirosue to be considered the most powerful of Dr. Go's robots (even Kuro admits this fact).

  • Built-in Missiles
  • Powerful Acid Liquid
  • Caterpillar Legs
  • Flying Hirosue: Her flight mode.

In addition, Dr. Go has carelessly installed non-essential functions within her, such as an answering machine, massage chair, etc.


  • It was served as a trump card in the anime, but with less showtime as it runs away too much.
  • Morever due to its strong impact, the voice-actor admits in his conscience that Hirosue was "one of the most impressive characters that I have ever played".