A cat who was playing a steganic role in Gotch's Sima. He was also the big brother of Matatabi and Kid (Kuro), who cared more than two but cared for two. It is a role as a crush against Tsukkomi against them who can not understand common sense. As the name is a gray-colored body, a cat with sharp eyes.

After reaching the city, I went to Mafi as an agent as a messenger but suffered severe injuries by tricks. This shocked the army corps and blacks, which resulted in a separation from the black army corps. In the end she died while biting Mafi's throat. Although he was not dead in the anime version, he admonished Dotch who tried to purge Kuro, but the future life and death and the way of going are unknown.

His attitudes towards living and the thoughts of young people have had a great influence on the later black, and even in the final battle of Gorrow, Kuro's mind also fights his words at the time of Marie's case The figure was running.