The Flying Robot Family!
Japanese 空とぶ親子ロボ出現!
Romanji Sora tobu oyako robo shutsugen!
Air date October 23, 1999
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The Flying Robot Family! (空とぶ親子ロボ出現! Sora tobu oyako robo shutsugen!) is the fourth episode of the Cyborg Kuro-chan (anime).


Dr. Go and Mi hatch their next plan for world domination, a couple of robots called Big Sam, Small Sam. But the doctor's clueless programming sets the robots loose with the child running about, the parent chasing after, and a self-destruct mechanism with no off switch! With Go trapped inside, Kuro and Mi must work together to try to stop Big Sam, deactivate the self-destruct before the town is destroyed at mega-ton scale.