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Doctor White Woods (ドクターホワイトウッズ)

An Doctor White Woods or Big American who came to Hokkaido for submarine for the world conquest for some reason. I speak Japanese in Hokkaido Namari. For some reason I longed for Hokkaido, my favorite are Genghis Khan and local beer. I will become the director of Sakuramachi prison later. The face is large, but the back itself is anomalously poor, which is less than the black. Thanks to that, he was called "mame tank" in a subordinate of a prison, and he was totally unreliable, for example, he tried a mouthful saying "You did something! However, its cyborg technology is outstanding, possessing a lot of high-performance cyborgs called cyborg dogs. Although they have cruel nature such as killing stray cats to build their own bases, they are basically literally small items. Appeared in the game, I made a Cyborg called BB that looked like a black. Cyborg produced by Dr. White Woods. It looks more like a cyborg look of Kuro, Miikun appearance. It plunges and fly in the rocket on the back and makes various attacks!  I am looking after the surviving kittens. When they infiltrated the fortress construction site, they were defeated together with Kuro and suffered a serious injury of moribund. The body of him and the kittens were brought under the stiffness by Kuro (bought by Kokodo sushi because it was not aggressive at Kuro's request), and it became a cyborg and resuscitated. In the second fight, I will win White Woods with Kuro. I get's help Kotaro, Mi, Dr. Goh.