Devil and Nana

A devil that was sealed for 500 years in a fancy case like an egg. Take over another living thing body and rampage. When it first appeared, he got on a rigid line, and then Mi replaced himself, so he retrained again. And I challenged Kuro in battle with that body. Truly Kuro was forced to struggle quite a bit, but in fact it turns out that he was just transferred to the "cute little cook" doll stored in Mi's body. It accidentally dropped from the body of Mi, was packed in a glass bottle (in the original fancy case in animation) and was swept away over the sea. In animation and games again it resurrects and reveals Nana-chan, going to Matatabi, Hebbinger, the first underground person, Big Sam · Small Sam etc, and challenge Kuro to the game. In addition, it is Mantaro Go in the game and Mi in the animation to transfer finally.