CKc Volume 1 (Old)

Cyborg Kuro-chan (サイボーグクロちゃん Saibōgu Kurochan) is a Japanese kodomo manga created by Naoki Yokouchi, serialized in Kodansha's Comic BonBon magazine. Eleven volumes of the manga were released between 1998 and 2002. It centers on the titular character, a housecat who is kidnapped and modified by a mad scientist to be a part of a cyborg army bent on world domination. Kuro breaks his control chip, escapes and becomes a vigilante. Kuro has many allies, who help him out during instances such as urban destruction, parallel universes, outer space, and battles between other cats and cyborgs.

The manga was adapted into an anime produced by Studio Bogey for TV Tokyo from October 1999 to January 200. The manga and anime have been exported to several countries in Asia, Europe, and Africa. Merchandise based on the manga and anime were made with two additional volumes, entitled Cyborg Kuro-chan: Extra Battle, were published. Reviews for the series note the simplistic and cartoonish art style, and a thin storyline which is mainly centered on gags and comedic violence.


Kuro is a normal housecat for an old couple who defends his owners from frequent danger from burglars. But secretly, he is in love with the neighborhood dog, Pooly, and he sets out to confess this one day. While heading to see her, he and Pooly are ambushed by the mad scientist, Dr. Go. Kuro was injured, abducted, and taken to the doctor's lab where he was remodified into a powerful cyborg for world domination. Now more than the average cat on hind legs with can speak human language, Kuro somehow breaks free from his control chip, destroys and escapes Go's laboratory and return home, only to find out Pooly and his owners moved away after the ambush. Moving on and coming to terms with his predicament, Kuro continues his lifestyle as an average housecat while maintaining his cyborg identity from his owners.

Meanwhile, Go sets out revenge against Kuro for his betrayal. Together with his Nyan-Nyan Army and his #1 soldier Mi, Go continuously plots to destroy him until their eventual surrender and decide to live a more peaceful life. Thus Kuro's destructive misadventures continue as he save his owners and the city from trouble and multiple adversaries. Throughout the course of the series, there are phantasmal and extraordinary predicaments that Kuro and his friends must solve.



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