Choro (チョロ) is a mini-robot that appears in Episode 20. He was constructed by Dr. Go and Kotaro by Nana's wishes, using Kuro's microchip and Nana's parts, thus equipped with two rattling guns. Its face resembles Mi's, and can only emit the word "Mi!" in a baby mannerism, but more mature than any regular infant. Because Churo was built behind Kuro's back, he did not reciprocate the latter in becoming Choro's father until Dr. Go activated its timed self-destruct mechanism. As the timer kept ticking, Kuro hastened Kotaro for an explanation where he learned the bomb was implanted without his knowledge until Go admitted the fact. Threatened by Kuro as usual, Go confessed that Choro was built as a bomb in the first place. In the end, Choro strayed away from everyone to protect his "parents" before exploding. His body exploded but his conscious remained in his program chip which Kuro entrusted to Kotaro.